Spring Roll (5 pieces)  
Soybeans lightly boiled and salted
Lobster Tail
Grilled lobster with teriyaki sauce
Soft Shell Crab
Lightly battered and slightly fried, served with tempura sauce
Lettuce Wrap
Marinated tender sirloin steak with homemade Japanese sauce, served with lettuce
Beef Nagi Maki
Grilled thin layer of steak rolled with scallions and asparagus, teriyaki sauce on top
Crab Don
Tempura crab meat, cream cheese and jalapenos with honey sauce, eel, and spicy mayo sauce
Golden Baked Mussels
Japanese spicy mayo suace, mushrooms, and masago baked with mussels
Crispy Catfish
Fried catfish in our tempura battered, gently seasoned and served with sweet & sour chili sauce
Choice of steamed or pan fried pork dumplings
Ebi Temp App.
Shrimp and vegetable tempura
Hamachi Kama
Baked yellowtail neck with ponzu sauce
Golden Wings
Lightly battered and slightly fried with sweet & sour chili sauce
Rock Shrimp
Fried shrimp with spicy mayo suace
Crispy Calamari
Fried calamari with sweet & sour chili sauce
Ebi Kani
Crispy fried wonton wrapped with shrimp, snow crab, and cream cheese served with seet & sour chili sauce
Age Tofu
Japanese fried bean curd with tempura sauce


5 pieces of sushi (chef’s choice)
9 pieces of raw fish (chef’s choice)
Spicy Tuna
Fresh tuna mixed with scallions, sesame seed oil, and other spicy seasoing
Tuna, Yellowtail, or Salmom Sashimi
Tuna Mango Tar Tar
Chopped fresh tuna with mango and yuzu sauce
Filet Mignon or Tuna Takaki
Thinly sliced seared beef or tuna served with ponzu sauce and cucumber
Baked Salmon
Thinly sliced salmon wrapped with snow crab, golden baked with eel sauce and sesame sauce
Four Wheel
Yellowtail wrapped with tuna, avocado, and seaweed salad in middle with yuzu sauce
Yellowtail Cilantro
Chopped yellowetail, cilantro, jalapeno, and avocado with yuzu sauce
Tuna Pizza
Deep fried rice cake with spicy tuna, avocado and masago on top
Tuna Dumpling
Lobster, avocado, and crunchy inside wrapped with tuna
Treasure Island
Spicy tuna, salmon, and yellowtail on half avocado with mango sauce
Shrimp Avocado
Shrimp wrapped with avocado and spicy teriyaki sauce
Crispy Tuna
Crispy wonton wrapped with spicy tuna, on top with masago, onion, and spicy mayo sauce


Seaweed Salad  
Squid Salad  
House Salad
Cucumber Salad  
Snow Crab Salad  
Seafood Salad
Tuna, salmon, white fish, octopus, crab stick, cucumber and seaweed in ponzu sauce


Chicken Soup
Chicken paste soup with scallions and flakes of mushroom
Miso Soup
Soy paste soup with tofu, scallion & seaweed
Clam Miso Soup
Clams with scallion and mushroom
Pumpkin Seafood Soup
Fresh pumpkin in a creamy bisque cooked w. shrimp, fish, fish cake, and snow peas
Hot & Sour Miso Soup
Shrimp, tofu, mushroom, snow peas and hot sauce cilantro
Creamy gravy with sauteed mushrooms and fresh sea scallops